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Election Information


2020 General Election

The next regular City Council election will take place in November 2020. With the city's transition to electing City Council members by district instead of "at large," voters who live in City Council districts two and four will each elect a City Council member. The mayor continues to serve "at large," meaning all voters in the city will have an opportunity to vote for that position every four years. 

On July 28, the City Council approved Resolution No. 2020-162, ordering the submission to the qualified electors of the City of Carlsbad a certain measure relating to City Council compensation to be placed on the ballot to be placed on the general municipal election.


Measure To Be Submitted to the Voters

Measure G. City Council Compensation.

Shall Title 2, Chapter 2.04, Section 2.04.010(A) of the Carlsbad Municipal Code be adopted to prohibit city council compensation adjustments from exceeding the amount established by the San Diego Regional Consumer Price Index, to require the city council to either make or waive a compensation adjustment in January of each year, and to prohibit the city council from enacting retroactive increases for years in which the city council waived a compensation adjustment?

Text of the Measure

Argument in Favor of Measure G

City Attorney Impartial Analysis of Measure G


Notice of Arguments Deadline

Form of Statement of Authors

Authorization for Another Person to Sign Rebuttal Argument Form


Candidate Information

Candidate List (by district, in the order filed)

Candidate Statements (in the order filed)

Notice of Nominees in Ballot Order (as drawn by the Secretary of State)

Candidate Withdrawal Statement - Brian Higgins



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