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Citizens of the Year

The City of Carlsbad’s Citizen of the Year is an annual award recognizing residents who have provided outstanding service to their community.

The Citizen of the Year program is more than 50 years old and honors community members who have given their time and energy toward the civic improvement, beautification and betterment of the City of Carlsbad.

Honorees are selected by a five-person committee of Carlsbad residents and recognized during a ceremony at Carlsbad City Hall.

To nominate a community member, please download a nomination form or pick one up at City Hall, 1200 Carlsbad Village Drive. Nominees MUST be City of Carlsbad residents. Nominations are being accepted through March 30, 2021.

Please mail completed nomination form to:

City Hall
1200 Carlsbad Village Drive
Carlsbad, CA 92008
Attention: Executive Assistant to the City Council

Please call 760-434-2830 for more information.

Past Honorees
2020: 2019: Don Whisnant and Tina Schmidt
2018: Scott White and Yvonne Murchison Finocchiaro 2017: Bob Nielsen and Susan & German Gutierrez
2016: Bill & Bonnie Dominguez and Mike McMahon 2015: Phil Urbina and Zona Murray
2014: Taffy Cannon and Frank Whitton 2013: David Kulchin and Naomi & Alan Marblestone
2012: Knox Williams and Peggy Savary 2011: Stephen "Hap" L'Heureux and Gina McBride
2010: Jim Smith and Hope Wrisley 2009: Bud & Beverly Lewis and Doris Lee Ritchie
2008: Bobbie Hoder and Jim & Pat Hansen 2007: Jeanne McFadden and Carlton & Sandy Lund
2006: Julie Baker and Ed Scarpelli 2005: Ursula Monaco-Sweeney and Arthur Wood
2004: Joni Miringoff and Rev. Gordon Baker 2003: Ann L’Heureux and Bob Richards
2002: Ruth Lewis and John Haedrich 2001: Sally Lyons and Bob Beard
2000: Margie & Mario Monroy and Bailey Noble 1999: Belynn Gonzales and Don Dewhurst
1998: Barbara Ladwig and John Jones 1997: Pearl Tade and Peder Norby
1996: Kathleen Dunn Wellman and William Donovan 1995: Ofelia Escobedo & Connie Trejo and Alan & Joan Kindle
1994: Thelma Hayes and Paul Swirsky 1993: David Martinez
1992: Margaret Brownley 1991: Greg Nelson
1990: Roy Sanchez 1989: Dr. Al J. Freiburger
1988: Kay Christiansen 1987: Eileen M. Olson
1986: Lewis Chase 1985: Muriel Roston
1984: Glenn E. McComas 1983: Raymond C. Ede
1982: Marje Howard Jones 1981: Manuel Castorena
1980: Chick Mensching 1979: Allan O. Kelly
1978: James Gaiser 1977: Jayce McClellan
1976: R.P. “Pal” Jones 1975: Molly Acuna
1974: “Chris” Christiansen 1973: Jerry L. Rombotis
1972: Betty Wollrich 1971: Nick Papoutsis
1970: Tony Howard Jones 1967: General W.W. Rogers
1967: Phyllis E. Norman 1967: Frank B. Kirk