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Is Your Garage an Easy Target?

10 Reasons a Thief Might Steal from Your Garage

Don’t give a thief an opportunity

  1. Most thieves know valuable property is usually stored in the garage like tools, sports equipment and even weapons
  2. Not much thought is given to the garage once people are inside their homes, especially if the garage is detached or shared
  3. An automated opener or even a pad lock will not keep every thief out
  4. Most people overestimate the garage’s security and park the car in the garage but leave the car doors unlocked
  5. Thinking it is out of sight, valuable property is often left in the unlocked cars like keys, purses and electronics
  6. People often leave their garage doors open while working around the house or while home during the day
  7. A neighbor’s garage door might be open when it is usually closed, but other neighbors forget to tell them
  8. People may go in-and-out of the side garage door and forget to check it and relock it 
  9. People may check the windows and doors of our house before going to bed but forget the garage
  10. People think thieves don’t come to their neighborhoods

Protect Your Home

In Carlsbad, too many times a thief is looking an easy target or a “crime of opportunity,” meaning a thief is looking for a door that is unlocked or valuables that are easily accessible.  Follow these tips to protect your home and property.

  • Always close and lock the side door into the garage and into your house.  Use a solid door, deadbolt style lock and reinforced strike plate. 
  • Before you go to bed at night, check your garage door to make sure they are closed and locked.
  • Store more valuable items like bicycles and sporting equipment toward the back of an attached garage. 
  • If the garage is detached or shared, store your valuables elsewhere or use extra security precautions.  
  • If your garage or if the storage unit in your garage is secured with a lock, choose a tamper resistant padlock with a padlock cover. 
  • Don’t forget storage unit door hinges.  If the hinges are on the outside, use tamper resistant hinge pins. 
  • Consider the material used to create the storage unit or closet within a garage.  Is the door plywood? Is there a space at the top a thief can climb over? If so, then it’s not secure.
  • Consider a motion activated camera or security system for your garage.

More home security tips at www.carlsbadca.gov/police.  Call us if you notice suspicious activity or crime, 24/7, at 760-931-2197.

August 9, 2018