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Prepare for Emergencies

The recent Lilac Fire was a good reminder about the importance of emergency preparedness.  Review this list of ways to prepare for the next emergency and make sure you’re ready.

Keep a full tank of gas (or your EV fully charged) during red flag warnings.

Make sure your phones and emails are registered with Alert San Diego (Reverse 9-1-1) so you get important updates during an emergency (landlines are automatically part of the system)

Make a “to go” box/bin/suitcase with copies of your important documents (in a ziplock), some cash, a list of important phone numbers (in case your phone is dead and you can’t get your saved contacts), pet supplies, change of clothes, etc.

Make a list of things you will want to grab if you have time, like medications, photos, mementoes, glasses, your kid’s favorite toy, etc. You’ll probably not be able to remember this if you’re stressed and getting ready to evacuate. Put this list in your “go bag.”

Make sure you know at least a couple of routes out of your neighborhood.

Talk to your family about where you’d meet and how you’d get in touch if you’re separated during an emergency. Designate a friend or relative out of the area you can check in with to relay information.

Make a list of friends, family, pet friendly hotels, etc., where you might go if you had to evacuate (shelters will almost always be options too).

Take a video or photos of every room in your house to document your belongings for insurance purposes, just in case.  

Share this info with all of your friends and family so they can be prepared too. 

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December 9, 2017