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Village, Barrio Moratorium Discussed

The Carlsbad City Council discussed, but took no action on a Village and Barrio building and development moratorium at its meeting June 25. The City Council further discussed that evaluation of standards for future development and land use in the Village and Barrio could be part of relevant agenda items at future City Council meetings.

These agenda items include updates from city staff on the Growth Management Plan scheduled for the July 9 and July 16 City Council meetings. Additionally, the City Council is scheduled to consider the California Coastal Commission’s proposed modifications to the Village and Barrio Master Plan for areas in the Coastal Zone at its meeting Aug. 20.

On June 13, the California Coastal Commission provided conditional approval of the Village and Barrio Master Plan for the areas in the Coastal Zone. The Commission’s certification and approval of the master plan are contingent on the Carlsbad City Council accepting 23 modifications recommended by commission staff. The modifications are detailed in the commission’s report.

The Village and Barrio Master Plan went into effect Aug. 24, 2018, in areas outside the Coastal Zone.

If the City Council accepts the Coastal Commission’s proposed modifications to the Village and Barrio Master Plan, city staff would return to the Coastal Commission at a future meeting seeking the Coastal Commission's confirmation of the city’s acceptance of the revised plan. With this confirmation, the master plan would likely take effect in the Coastal Zone portions of the Village and Barrio by late 2019.

June 26, 2019

June 26, 2019