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Traffic Improvement Options Discussed

At its July 16 meeting, the Carlsbad City Council discussed eight street segments that do not currently meet the city’s standards under its Growth Management Program and options for addressing them. After considering staff’s presentation, the City Council asked staff to return with additional options to address the eight street segments. A date for that follow up discussion has not been set. 

The eight street segments discussed include:

1. El Camino Real southbound from Oceanside city limits to Marron Road

2. El Camino Real northbound from Marron Road to Oceanside city limits

3. College Boulevard southbound from Aston Avenue to Palomar Airport Road

4. Melrose Drive southbound from Vista city limits to Palomar Airport Road

5. El Camino Real southbound from Cannon Road to College Boulevard

6. El Camino Real northbound from College Boulevard to Cannon Road

7. Cannon Road eastbound from El Camino Real to College Boulevard

8. Cannon Road westbound from College Boulevard to El Camino Real 

The staff report and analysis are available on the city’s website. 

In addition to returning with options for the eight street segments, city staff will present at a future meeting an overview of its efforts to promote alternative modes of travel and use technology to help manage traffic congestion, along with project timelines and projected results. 

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July 22, 2019