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News Updates

Water plans, rates discussed

The City of Carlsbad and its subsidiary agency the Carlsbad Municipal Water District will hold a hearing Nov. 19 to consider changes that, if approved, will keep rates in Carlsbad among the lowest in the region.

The City of Carlsbad is served by three different water districts. The Carlsbad Municipal Water District serves the majority of the city. Members of the Carlsbad City Council also serve as the board of directors for the water district.

After getting updates on recently updated plans for water, wastewater and recycled water, the elected leaders heard the results of a “cost of service” study that looked at the current actual cost to provide these services to customers. Based on the study, city staff recommended a small increase to water rates (about 2% for most residents). The Carlsbad Municipal Water District has not increased its rates for the past two years.

Wastewater rates, which have not increased for the past four years, are proposed to increase by 3% in 2020 and another 3% in 2021 for the average household. Recycled water rates would remain the same.

Before increasing rates the water district and city will notify customers by mail Oct. 1. If more than 50% of customers submit a protest the increases cannot be approved. The increases will be considered at the Nov. 19 public hearing.

Visit the city’s website for more information about Tuesday's actions.

September 19, 2019