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News Updates

Permit Process for Protests

The Carlsbad City Council approved a new permit process for protests, demonstrations and other events that fall under the category of “expressive activities” on city property, such as parks or city hall. 

In May, city staff presented a proposed permit process to the City Council following concerns about the length of time and cost of getting a city permit, among other issues. The City Council formed a subcommittee to further refine the process and get additional community input. 

The new process allows people to get a city permit much more quickly, waives the permit requirement in certain cases, and no longer requires groups to have insurance, reimburse the city for emergency response costs or pay a rental fee. 

The permit requirements are included in an ordinance, which was introduced Nov. 19 and is scheduled to be adopted Dec. 10. It will go into effect 30 days after that. 

To read more information about the permit process, freedom of expression laws and other background, the staff report is available on the city’s website.

November 22, 2019