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News Updates

City Provides Police Officers at Local Schools

The City of Carlsbad has renewed a longstanding agreement with the Carlsbad Unified School District to ensure the safety of school students and staff by providing three school resource police officers to work on campuses during the school year.

The Carlsbad Police Department assigns one officer to each of the district’s two secondary schools, with one at Carlsbad High and the other at Sage Creek High. The high schools benefit from having a single officer assigned to each campus throughout the year, as the officers get to know the students and interact with them in a positive manner every day. 

The department assigns a third officer to rotate among the district’s three middle schools, and deploys two other school resource officers to visit other campuses as needed. 

The city and school district split the cost of the three officers assigned to the high schools and middle schools on a 50-50 basis, with the district contributing $206,400. The City of Carlsbad provides the floater officers with no reimbursement from any school district. The city has budgeted $1 million to cover the program’s entire cost. 

The City of Carlsbad and Carlsbad Unified School District have been cooperating on the school resource officer program since 1995. 

Most schools in the City of Carlsbad are in the Carlsbad Unified School District. The San Dieguito Unified, Encinitas Union, San Marcos Unified school districts and San Diego County Office of Education also operate schools in the city. 

City media contact
Kristina Ray, 760-434-2957, kristina.ray@carlsbadca.gov


November 26, 2019