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Village and Barrio Master Plan

City Council directed staff to take next steps to modify Carlsbad’s Village and Barrio Master Plan on Tuesday night. The first step would require future development projects in the entire master plan area to be reviewed and approved by City Council. Currently, City Council approval is not needed for projects in the Barrio.

In an effort to ensure future development in the Village and Barrio aligns with the community vision, the City Council also directed a temporary ad hoc design review committee be formed to develop objective design and architectural standards.

As a final step, the City Council directed a public hearing be scheduled for a future Planning Commission meeting to gather community input on the following master plan issues recommended by City Council:

  • Addition of permitted uses for development that fosters a live, work, play community (i.e. post offices, grocery stores, hardware stores, pharmacies, farmers markets)
  • Parking in lieu fees and public/private partnerships for specific parking structures
  • Traffic impact analysis and mitigation fees in the plan area
  • Housing in lieu fee payment alternatives and a Village and Barrio specific inclusionary housing policy
  • Other related issues of concern with the plan

Ad hoc design committee recommendations and community input gathered at the Planning Commission public hearing will be brought back to City Council for consideration, probably at separate meetings.More information about the specific issues listed above is included in the City Council staff report.

Any changes to the master plan will go through the same approval process as the original Village and Barrio Master Plan, which includes review by the Planning Commission and approval by the California Coastal Commission if the changes impact land use in the coastal zone.

In the meantime, the Village and Barrio Master Plan approved by the Coastal Commission in October 2019 remains in effect.

Next Steps

  • City staff will process an amendment to the master plan regarding requirements for Planning Commission and City Council review. Public hearings will be held.
  • City Council will discuss composition for the ad hoc design review committee at a future meeting.
  • City staff will schedule a Planning Commission meeting to gather community input as specified by the City Council. Following this discussion, staff will return to City Council for consideration of a work plan, timeline, and resourcing strategy to address remaining master plan issues.

More Information

December 12, 2019