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Green Waste Recycling Initiative

To support local and statewide goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Carlsbad approved this week a recycling and trash services rate increase to include green waste recycling or composting.

Green waste, or yard waste, includes plant debris such as grass clippings, pruning, weeds, branches, brush and other organic waste normally produced from gardens or landscaped areas. Composting is the natural process that decomposes yard waste and food waste to make a brown, crumbly soil additive that enhances the health of lawns and gardens.

Approximately 36,000 tons of the city’s green waste per year will now be composted instead of disposed of in the landfill, reducing the amount of methane producing materials in landfills. Reducing emissions from greenhouse gases, such as methane, supports the goals of the city’s Climate Action Plan. Recycling green waste also will allow the city to continue meeting the state's 50 percent diversion mandate under AB 939, the Integrated Waste Management Act.

A public hearing was held Dec. 10 to discuss the proposed rate increases. Based on new state laws mandating organics recycling, the City Council approved a $1.34-1.47 a month increase for residents and $0.57-30.05 a month increase for businesses, dependent on the size of the can and frequency of pick-up. New rates go into effect Jan. 1, 2020.

The City of Carlsbad provides recycling and trash solid waste services to its residents and businesses through a franchise agreement with Coast Waste Management. Under the terms of its contract, Coast Waste Management guarantees the net rate for collection service will be in the lowest third being charged for similar services in all cities in San Diego County using a franchised collection system.

Prior to the public hearing, the city notified residents and businesses by mail and posted information on the city’s website at www.carlsbadca.gov/recycling.

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December 12, 2019