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News Updates

Drainage Repairs Coming

The City of Carlsbad will construct new storm drains and repair old drainage pipes around the city to help reduce potential flooding during rainstorms. The repairs and construction will bring aging infrastructure up to modern standards to protect property and the environment, and to ensure public safety. 

State Street

One of the projects will address street ponding on State Street between Carlsbad Village Drive and Grand Avenue by installing a new underground drainage system. Work is expected to start by early April and take about six weeks Crews will coordinate with local businesses to minimize the impacts of construction, but portions of the street will need to be closed temporarily during the day. 

The State Street project will improve drainage by installing five catch basins beneath the road surface and replacing the existing curb and gutter to improve surface flows. State Street will be resurfaced and restriped once the new drainage is installed. These improvements will improve conditions for bikes, walkers and on State Street, one of the busiest roadways in the Village. 

Temporary Move for Farmers Market

The Wednesday State Street Farmers Market will be relocated to the city-owned parking lot near the intersection of Roosevelt Street and Carlsbad Village Drive during the construction. The farmers marked used to operate at this location before it moved to State Street. 

Storm Drain Repair

A second project happening at roughly the same time entails repairing aging storm drain pipes at a dozen locations around the city. These corrugated metal pipes were identified through the city’s ongoing Storm Drain System Rehabilitation and Repair Program, which uses closed-circuit television cameras to inspect the interiors of drainage pipes. 

The 12 locations where the pipe replacements will occur are:

  1. Jefferson Street at Interstate 5

  2. Jefferson Street at Las Flores Drive

  3. Tierra Del Oro at Carlsbad Boulevard
  4. Carlsbad Boulevard at Manzano Drive

  5. Avenida Encinas south of Palomar Airport Road
  6. Carlsbad Boulevard at the Lanikai Lane mobile home park

  7. Marron Road at the Shoppes of Carlsbad Mall
  8. The Carlsbad Safety Training Center on Orion Road

  9. Orion Road at Faraday Avenue

  10. Camino Vida Roble and Las Palmas Drive
  11. Chorlito Street and Esturion Street

  12. Alga Road and Estrella De Mar Road 

The city is using a construction method that will minimize impacts to nearby neighborhoods. It’s called “cured-in-place pipe” and involves installing a new lining into the old pipe to form a new pipe. Workers stretch a fiberglass or felt tube into the old pipe, expand it to fit the old host pipe, then inject it with resin and heat to cure it in place. This forms a brand-new pipe within the older one, preventing the need to break ground. This method is also relatively quick, when compared with trenching, as each repair is expected to take a single day. 

More information

State Street Project: Daniel Zimny, Associate Engineer: daniel.zimny@carlsbadca.gov, 760-602-7551

Storm Drain Repairs: Scott Lyle, Senior Engineer: scott.lyle@carlsbadca.gov, 760-602-7505

February 28, 2020