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News Updates

Climate Action and Community Choice

The Carlsbad City Council received updates on the city’s Climate Action Plan, a long-range strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and the Clean Energy Alliance, a Joint Powers Authority that will implement a community choice energy program in several north county cities. 

Climate Action Plan 

As part of staff’s Climate Action Plan monitoring, staff determined that the plan’s vehicle miles traveled calculations were based on an incorrect input, which resulted in a lower greenhouse gas inventory and targets. To correct the plan’s greenhouse gas inventory calculations, staff’s analysis and recommendation is to add community choice energy as a GHG reduction measure. 

This means that GHG reductions achieved through cleaner electricity purchases by the city’s newly formed Clean Energy Alliance will still meet 2035 GHG target goals and reinstate the plan’s effectiveness and status as a qualified California Environmental Quality Act document.

Fiscal Year 2018-2019 marked the city’s third Climate Action Plan implementation year. In its third-year report, and since July 2019, other GHG reduction measures included:  

  • Implementation and enforcement of CAP ordinances such as energy efficiency retrofits, solar photovoltaic systems, alternative water heating, electric vehicle charging infrastructure and transportation demand management 
  • Adoption of Reach Codes, the first city in California to require building energy performance beyond current building efficiency standards  
  • Creation and implementation of the Home Energy Score Assessment program
  • Creation and implementation of the Carlsbad Green Business Network program, targeting small to medium businesses 
  • Presentations about CAP implementation at various public meetings including Local Government Sustainable Energy Coalition’s statewide forum, San Diego Green Building Council’s panel discussion and Bay Area Regional Energy Network’s regional forum
  • Coordination with local and regional partners such as the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce, San Diego Association of Governments, other local jurisdictions, the San Diego Regional Climate Collaborative, San Diego Gas & Electric and Cleantech San Diego

Next steps 

  • Staff will return to the City Council, tentatively scheduled for June 9, with a proposed amendment to formally add community choice energy as a greenhouse-gas reduction measure in the Climate Action Plan. 
  • The CAP update will also include other amendments to account for the revised greenhouse gas inventories, targets, forecasts and new state and federal policies. 

Clean Energy Alliance

The Clean Energy Alliance was formed in November 2019 as a Joint Powers Authority between the cities of Carlsbad, Del Mar and Solana Beach. As an energy services provider, the Clean Energy Alliance will benefit the community through delivery of cleaner and more locally produced electricity, demand reduction, economic investment and competitive rates for residents and businesses. 

The alliance achieved a significant milestone on March 16 with the California Public Utilities Commission’s certification of the Community Choice Energy Implementation Plan and Statement of Intent. The plan includes the process for hiring core vendors and staff, setting operational policies and establishing the supply mix, rates and programs. 

The Clean Energy Alliance is evaluating program scenarios that include 50%, 75% and 100% renewable energy default options at 1% and 2% rate discounts below SDG&E’s default rate. 

All three-member cities remain committed to the Clean Energy Alliance. The alliance has submitted all regulatory compliance filings required to date, including the most recent filing of the Year-Ahead Resource Adequacy Forecast. The forecast informs the California Energy Commission and the California Public Utility Commission of the alliance's projected energy load for 2021. 

Next steps

  • The Clean Energy Alliance board meets on a monthly basis and the livestreams are hosted in a rotation between Carlsbad, Del Mar and Solana Beach 
  • The Clean Energy Alliance will proceed with implementation and is on track to launch community choice energy in May 2021 to approximately 58,000 eligible customers within their boundaries

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May 12, 2020