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News Updates

Businesses can temporarily expand

Carlsbad companies that have reopened, particularly restaurants, have had to modify their operations significantly. To help address the potential reduction of useable indoor space, given social distancing requirements, the city will allow for the temporary use of public sidewalks and private parking for outdoor dining or expanded retail space.

To date six Carlsbad businesses are in the process of expanding outdoors.

Businesses interested in the private parking lot option can get the details on the city’s website and then fill out an application. Some of the information required includes:

  • Description of outdoor operations including purpose, activities, functions and hours
  • Parking location alternative
  • To-scale site plan of the proposed area with relevant details
  • If applicable, how you will comply with all alcohol license requirements
  • Site accessibility including fire, ADA and exit routes

Those wanting to expand onto the sidewalk should apply for a Right of Way Use Application E-12 and complete the associated checklist. Much of the same information as the temporary use of private parking lots is required 

Businesses with questions can contact business@carlsbadca.gov.

June 15, 2020