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News Updates

Traffic and Mobility Updates

The Carlsbad City Council received several traffic and mobility updates Tuesday night, highlighting projects that are in progress or planned for the future. The City Council declared mobility to be one of the top three city priorities for this fiscal year, along with growth management and homelessness.

Semi-annual transportation report

The city’s fourth semi-annual transportation report highlighted the city’s progress of various transportation initiatives.

The report noted the city Transportation Department’s accomplishments for the last six months, including:   

  • Addressed localized flooding issues within the city’s right of way during April storms
  • Resolved 464 streetlight and electrical maintenance service requests 
  • Replaced 167 signs damaged in traffic accidents
  • Replaced about 7,000 square feet of sidewalks and 15,000 square feet of asphalt within the city’s right of way
  • Completed the first phase of the intelligent traffic control project by linking all the schools’ flashing beacons
  • Began work on the Traffic Signal Master Plan
  • Installed permanent speed feedback installations at 11 locations
  • Completed design for three rectangular rapid‐flashing beacon locations and construction at eight locations
  • Completed construction of the following projects:
    o   ADA ramp upgrade at Stagecoach Community Park
    o   State Street drainage improvements, ADA curb ramp upgrades and resurfacing of State Street between Grand Avenue and Carlsbad Village Drive
    o   Various street maintenance and repaving
  • Completed engineering design of the following projects:
    o   State Street Drainage Improvements
    o   El Camino Real and College Blvd Improvement Project
    o   El Camino Real and Cannon Road  

One major project in the works is to build the uncompleted segment of College Boulevard, from Cannon Road to El Camino Real. On May 5, 2020, the City Council directed staff to pursue a city‐led program and are now working to post a request for bids on the preliminary design and engineering assessment work by the end of the year.

More information, including the complete list of Transportation Department highlights can be found on the staff report, page 14.

Residential traffic calming plans in anticipation of Poinsettia Lane connection 

Construction is underway to finish another uncompleted roadway, the remaining section of Poinsettia Lane, as part of the Poinsettia 61 residential development. In anticipation of the traffic effects caused as a potential cut‐through route by extending this roadway, the City Council approved a plan to slow down traffic cutting through the surrounding neighborhoods. 

For the route along Oriole Court, Mimosa Drive, Moorhen Place and Dove Lane, three speed bumps and curb extensions will be installed at two intersections. For Mimosa Drive between Moorhen Place and Aviara Parkway, four speed bumps will be installed.  

Neighborhood meetings and surveys confirmed the residents’ support of these traffic calming methods.

More information can be found on the staff report, page 45.

ADA beach access and Tamarack State Beach trail connectivity

The City Council accepted the feasibility study for a new project that would provide better access to the beach for people with disabilities.

Pedestrian access to the beach is currently provided through six stairways and two non‐ADA compliant ramps at Pine Avenue and Tamarack Avenue. Staff looked at the existing use of the access, community input and environmental and engineering issues to identify two preferred ADA ramp locations:

  • North of Pine Avenue
  • At Tamarack Avenue near the restrooms

The Pine Avenue ramp would consist of constructing an ADA‐compliant ramp at the parking lot north of the intersection of Pine Avenue and Carlsbad Boulevard. The 389‐foot ramp would change direction once, extending the pathway southward along the bluffs. See the Pine Avenue access ramp simulation here.

The proposed ramp at the Tamarack Avenue restroom would begin at the top of the bluff near the existing showers and restrooms and would extend southward, parallel to the existing access road, to the Tamarack State Beach parking lot. The existing ramp to the restrooms would also be rebuilt to be ADA compliant.See the Tamarack Avenue access ramp simulation here.

City staff will be issuing a request for proposals to pursue the environmental review, agency permitting and engineering and construction phases for both ADA access alternatives.

Staff also evaluated the feasibility of constructing a tunnel or undercrossing to connect the North Shore Agua Hedionda Lagoon Trail to Tamarack State Beach.

The City Council requested more information about the influences of high tides and seal level rise, and an analysis of the pros and cons of having the crossing be at street level instead of through a tunnel under Carlsbad Boulevard.

More information can be found on the staff report, page 14.

Speed limit on Avenida Encinas from Cannon Road to Palomar Airport Road decreased to 35 mph

The City Council approved an ordinance decreasing the speed limit on Avenida Encinas from Cannon Road to Palomar Airport Road from 40 miles per hour to 35 miles per hour.

July 22, 2020