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Community Grants Approved

The Carlsbad City Council approved $519,499 in federal grants to help low and moderate income residents, with a focus on increasing and preserving affordable housing and reducing homelessness. These were the top two priority goals identified by the City Council on Jan. 14, 2020 as part the city’s five-year consolidated plan to address community development needs.


At its May 11 meeting, the City Council awarded the following grants to five organizations:

  • Legal Aid Society of San Diego (fair housing services): $46,488
  • Interfaith Community Services (prevent and reduce homelessness): $40,924
  • Catholic Charities (prevent and reduce homelessness): $17,000
  • WRC (formerly known as the Women’s Resource Center, prevent and reduce homelessness): $10,000
  • Brother Benno (prevent and reduce homelessness): $10,000

In addition to the five organizations, the City Council awarded $337,676 to the Carlsbad Affordable Housing Fund, which was established by the city to develop affordable housing for lower income households and/or purchase affordable housing units for lower income families.

The City Council approved $46,488 for Legal Aid Society of San Diego to provide fair housing services to Carlsbad residents and $40,924 for Interfaith Community Services to provide continued rental and utility assistance.

The federal block grant program, called Community Development Block Grant, dates to the Nixon Administration and are provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The program distributes money to eligible cities and counties so they can improve life for lower income families. HUD regulates how funds are awarded and grant amounts are determined by a formula.

The City of Carlsbad applies the grants to projects and services that directly benefit lower income residents. Social service organizations apply for the grants, and a seven-member citizens advisory committee recommends the preferred candidates. Staff then recommends a list of recipients to the City Council, which makes a final decision.

More information

Nancy Melander, program manager, 760-434-2812, nancy.melander@carlsbadca.gov

May 12, 2021