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City Extends Beach Partnership

The City of Carlsbad and state of California have extended a permit that allows the city to improve the beach-going experience along Carlsbad Boulevard by maintaining the picnic facilities, bathroom and coastal bluff at Tamarack and Frazee state beaches.

The city and state signed a permit in May 2014 so the city could improve the picnic area along Carlsbad Boulevard and beautify the coastal bluff along the city’s popular seawall, north of Tamarack Avenue, and renovate and maintain the aging restroom at Tamarack.

The bluff is part of Tamarack State Beach and Frazee State Beach, which is owned by the California Department of Parks & Recreation. Since the state does not have the resources to adequately take care of the needed maintenance in these areas, the City of Carlsbad is partnering with the state parks department to assume some of the maintenance responsibilities.

“Carlsbad’s nearly seven-mile long coastline is a big part of what makes our city special,” said Assistant City Manager Gary Barberio, who is overseeing the city’s efforts to improve the coastline. “The city has invested heavily in improving the beach experience for our residents and visitors, and we want to maintain those improvements and add more.”

“The city is looking forward to continuing to work with the state in ensuring these coastal areas are maintained to the high standards that the residents and visitors of Carlsbad will appreciate,” said City of Carlsbad Parks Superintendent Kyle Lancaster.

Since the original permit was signed in May 2014, the city hasmade the following improvements to the picnic grounds between Tamarack and Cherry avenues:

  • Refurbished and maintained the restroom building at Tamarack both inside and out. The refurbished restrooms feature fresh paint, epoxy floors, new fixtures and partitions, an upgraded plumbing and electrical system and a repaired roof with new skylights.
  • Installed two new outdoor showers and a drinking fountain with two levels — one for people and one for dogs.
  • Replaced corroded steel handrails with aluminum ones.
  • Replaced dilapidated benches, tables and trash receptacles with five new picnic tables, 20 new benches and 10 combination trash-and-recycling containers.
  • Pruned or removed trees and shrubs and renovated turf areas.
  • Retrofitted irrigation systems and re-landscaped planters. 

The city has also made the following improvements on the coastal bluff:

  • Removed invasive non-native plants such as Arundo donax and tumbleweed.
  • Removed trash, broken pipe and other debris.
  • Installed new irrigation systems.
  • Planted over 5,000 native plants with volunteer help.
  • Installed protective cages around sensitive plants.
  • Installed protective fencing at both ends of the bluff to minimize foot traffic.
  • Sprayed the south end of bluff with a native hydroseed mix to help stabilize the soil.

The city invested $900,000 in one-time beach and bluff improvements during the agreement’s first year and allocated $115,000 in annual maintenance costs. The renewed permit is for one year, and the city and state are discussing a long-term agreement that would allow the city to continue to improve and maintain the bluff, picnic grounds and other state-owned beach sites.

The City of Carlsbad already maintains the restroom at the north end of Carlsbad State Beach near Pine Avenue. 

Most of the beaches in Carlsbad are owned and managed by the California parks department, which also provides lifeguard service, campgrounds and parking lots.

For more information
Kyle Lancaster, 760-343-2941, kyle.lancaster@carlsbadca.gov

City media contact 
Kristina Ray, 760-434-2957, kristina.ray@carlsbadca.gov


May 20, 2015