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City Seeks Input on Coastal Project

The City of Carlsbad is seeking input from the community on ways to improve safety, traffic flow and the coastal experience in the area around Cannon Road and Carlsbad Boulevard, known locally as the Terramar neighborhood.

The Terramar Area Coastal Improvement Project will focus on Carlsbad Boulevard from Manzano Drive north to around the warm water jetties area, including the bluff top area across from the power plant.

The project also includes Cannon Road between Carlsbad Boulevard and the railroad tracks. The project only will involve land owned or controlled by the city, such as the city’s “right of way.”

“There is a great opportunity here to increase safety, improve the flow of vehicular traffic, and make the area safer and more bike and pedestrian friendly,” said Assistant City Manager Gary Barberio, who is overseeing a variety of coastal improvements in Carlsbad. “In addition to the street improvements, the bluff top area across from the power plant could be a spectacular place for people to enjoy the sunset, have a picnic or check out the surf.” 

In addition to meeting with residents in the Terramar neighborhood, the city is seeking input through an online survey and interviews with people using the area. This input will help the city’s project team develop potential designs that will be shared for additional input and refinement.

The online survey will be available through Aug. 13 on the city’s website, www.carlsbadca.gov/input.

The City of Carlsbad is working on a number of initiatives to make it easier and safer to get to the beach and travel along Carlsbad Boulevard, the old Highway 101, whether by car, on a bike or by foot. The projects are all based on the Carlsbad Community Vision, a set of nine core values developed through a two year public outreach process. The vision emphasizes maintaining Carlsbad’s small-town beach community character, sustainability, walking, biking and public transportation, open space and the natural environment, and active, healthy lifestyles, among others values.

“Each of these projects is being designed in collaboration with the community to ensure we preserve Carlsbad’s unique coastal character,” said Barberio.

Other recent improvements along Carlsbad Boulevard include a new roundabout, landscaping, public art, sidewalks and bike paths at Carlsbad Boulevard and State Street; new crosswalks between Oak and Hemlock avenues; and improved bike lanes along the entire 6.5 mile length of Carlsbad Boulevard. Through a partnership with State Parks, which controls most of the beaches in Carlsbad, the city also renovated and took over maintenance of the Tamarack restrooms, the bluff between Tamarack Avenue and the area north of Pine Avenue and landscaping on the upper sea wall.

Media contact
Kristina Ray, 760-434-2957, kristina.ray@carlsbadca.gov

July 30, 2015