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News Updates

New Toilet Rebate Offered

The Department of Water Resources has launched a new rebate program for replacing old toilets with more water-efficient models in single-family homes. Up to $100 will be rebated for the purchase and installation of one qualified high-efficiency toilet (1.28 gallons per flush or less) per household that replaces a less-efficient toilet (using more than 1.6 gallons per flush). 

According to the U.S. EPA, toilets are by far the main source of water use in the home, accounting for nearly 30 percent of an average home's indoor water consumption. 

“Rebates are a great way to encourage residents to replace old fixtures,” said Mario Remillard, water conservation coordinator for the Carlsbad Municipal Water District. “Not only will people save money on the replacement, they will save money on their water bills while doing their part to help the community conserve water.” 

The $6 million program budget is expected to support the replacement of 60,000 toilets throughout the state. To participate in the program, property owners should visit http://www.saveourwaterrebates.com/ and follow the step-by-step process. 

On April 1, Gov. Jerry Brown ordered a statewide 25 percent reduction of drinkable urban water use through February 2016. Each city has its own conservation targets set by the state. The Carlsbad Municipal Water District must reduce consumption by 28 percent. 

In response to the mandatory cutbacks, the City of Carlsbad launched the Carlsbad Conserves campaign to increase awareness about water conservation among residents and business owners. The campaign includes tearing out turf, installing new water efficient fixtures at city buildings and expanding its water recycling program. A new social media campaign, featuring landscaping tips and informational videos, has also been implemented to help residents and business owners identify ways to save water inside and outside of their homes or offices. 

Current water restrictions can be found on the city’s website

The Carlsbad Municipal Water District, a subsidiary of the City of Carlsbad, serves about 85 percent of the city. South and southeastern portions of the city are served by the Vallecitos Water District and the Olivenhain Municipal Water District. 

For more information
Visit the Carlsbad Municipal Water District’s Web page at www.carlsbadca.gov/water, or call 760-438-2722

Visit the San Diego County Water Authority’s conservation website, http://www.watersmartsd.org/.



August 20, 2015