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Public Art

Carlsbad's Public Art Program

Carlsbad's Public Art Vision

In 2016, the City of Carlsbad completed a public art visioning process with a goal to: 

  • Define broad citywide goals and priorities for public art
  • Establish timelines for implementation of public art
  • Educate the public of the value of public art in the community 

The 2016 public art vision built upon the city's Art in Public Places program, which began in 1985. This was the first public art program established in San Diego County and is designed to expand residents’ appreciation of art, reflect the city’s aspiration to improve the quality of life, and to enhance and identify Carlsbad as a unique community. 

Tied to the city’s capital projects budget and plan, the program is administered by the city’s Cultural Arts Office, which follows a set of policies and procedures that guides the entire process, from artist selection through to final installation of the work. 

A key component of Carlsbad’s program is an emphasis on public participation during the process, ensuring that the artworks are integrated into the physical and social environment of the city and reflect the broad range and interests of the community. 

The first public artwork in Carlsbad, 'Crown Lair' created by artist Lloyd Hamrol, was installed at Stagecoach Community Park in 1989. Over the years, the public art program has become an integral part of Carlsbad’s vibrancy and sense of place; as of 2016, there are more than 100 works of art in the city’s public art collection. View our interactive map for their locations. Questions about public art? Email us at arts@carlsbadca.gov or call 760-602-2090. 

Public Art Update

Over the last year, the City of Carlsbad has seen significant developments in the area of public art. The City Council in 2016 approved two public art projects as part of park enhancements at Aviara and Pine Avenue community parks. The artwork at Aviara Community Park is anticipated to be installed by the end of 2017. More information on these two projects is available on our current projects page