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Chat with us (new!) or text us 760-354-9423 Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Curbside service information.

Library Divisions

Cole Library Phone Email
General Info 760-434-2870 librarian@carlsbadca.gov
Children's Desk 760-434-2872 librarian@carlsbadca.gov
Circulation and Patron Accounts 760-434-2873 librarian@carlsbadca.gov
Reference Librarian


Dove Library Phone Email
General Info 760-602-2049 librarian@carlsbadca.gov
Administration 760-602-2011 librarian@carlsbadca.gov
Children's 760-602-2047 librarian@carlsbadca.gov
Circulation and Patron Accounts 760-602-2016 librarian@carlsbadca.gov
Library Rental Facilities 760-602-2024 media-assist.office@carlsbadca.gov
Reference Librarian 760-602-2038 librarian@carlsbadca.gov

Library Learning Center Phone Email
General Info 760-931-4500 librarian@carlsbadca.gov
Bilingual Services 760-931-4500 bilingual@carlsbadca.gov
Literacy Services 760-931-4510 literacy@carlsbadca.gov


Library Staff

Phone Email
Suzanne Smithson
Library & Cultural Arts Director 
760-434-2876 suzanne.smithson@carlsbadca.gov
Sheila Crosby
Interim Deputy Library Director