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Drawing on Carlsbad’s Past

Historic Art 2020 

Carlsbad City Library and the Historic Preservation Commission salute the participants in this art program held each year for Carlsbad students. Local 3rd grade classes study Carlsbad history and create an artistic representation of a historic site. The artists were honored at the Carlsbad City Council Meeting on June 9, 2020.

Hats off to these terrific artists and to all of the students, teachers and classes who participated! Congratulations!

Please click on the individual images for a larger version. 

Mrs. Gizzi's class, Kelly Elementary


Artists, from left to right:
Makayla Pitts, Alt Karlsbad / Sienna Miles, Twin Inns / Eminet Woods, Twin Inns / Kristi Kwok, Twin Inns


Mrs. Cederferm's class, Kelly Elementary


Monique Arecco, Alt Karlsbad / Kaia Puckett, St. Michael’s Episcopal Church


Mrs. Hemerick's class, Kelly Elementary


Caleb Carlile, Twin Inns / Chloe Carroll, Santa Fe Train Depot / Kai Lynds, Twin Inns


Maverick Ayala, Twin Inns / Evan AlvaradoSanta Fe Train Depot