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Mediation Program









The City of Carlsbad provides a mediation program free to residents. Mediation is a confidential meeting between people who have a disagreement and a trained, neutral mediator who guides a discussion of issues toward a mutually acceptable agreement.

How does a dispute or a case reach mediation?

Cases may be self-referred by any Carlsbad resident who is involved in the dispute by calling 760-434-2868.

What types of cases are suitable for mediation?

Some of the types of cases referred involve neighbor-to-neighbor issues, animal nuisances and property maintenance disputes.

What are the benefits of mediation?

  • It works - a majority of cases reach an agreement
  • It's free - to Carlsbad residents
  • It's fast - can be scheduled quickly
  • It's convenient - located in Carlsbad
  • It's confidential - solutions are private and within your control
  • It's professional - volunteer mediators are highly trained

When should I consider mediation?

Mediation is always an option if:

  • The dispute has been ongoing
  • You want to preserve a relationship being affected by conflict
  • The dispute is upsetting and affecting your daily life
  • You cannot afford the time and cost involved with litigation
  • You are thinking about taking your dispute to court
  • You would like to speak to the other party so they may hear your concerns
  • You would like to resolve the dispute yourself without a third party judgment

To learn more about the process, go to Mediation Q & A.

Is mediation confidential?

Mediation is governed by California Evidence Code sections 1115-1128, which provides that statements made during mediation are confidential and inadmissible against another party in any subsequent non-criminal proceeding.  Further the mediators do not report back to any courts on the content of the mediation, nor are they available to testify as to what was said during mediation.  Confidentiality allows people to express themselves without fear that their words will be used against them later.  By signing this form, the parties agree to maintain confidentiality and acknowledge that any agreement as a result of this mediation session is nonbinding.