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For the past quarter of a century, proper planning and protection of the city’s open space resources have been of vital concern to Carlsbad. Some of the major planning and policy efforts to protect open space in Carlsbad include:

  • Passage of the Growth Management Plan in 1986 (Proposition E), which placed growth limits on housing and required that public facilities, like libraries, roads and parks, including open space, be provided to keep pace with new growth
  • Adoption of the Open Space and Conservation Resource Management Plan in 1992, which called for development of a comprehensive open space system
  • Passage of Proposition C in 2002, authorizing the City Council to spend more than $1 million to acquire open space and build trails
  • Approval of the Habitat Management Plan in 2004, which establishes an open space preserve system to protect sensitive plant and animal habitats
  • Acceptance of Proposition C Open Space and Trails Ad Hoc Committee report in 2007, which established a prioritized list of potential property acquisitions for open space protection and trail linkages
  • Allocation of approximately $5 million in 2012 for open space acquisition and trail projects