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Expressive Activity Event Permit Application

Carlsbad Municipal Code (CMC) Chapter 8.18 outlines the permitting requirements for an expressive activity event. 

An expressive activity includes conduct, the sole or principal object of which is the expression of opinion, views or ideas. Expressive activities include but are not limited to public oratory and distribution of literature. 

Unless the spontaneous demonstration exemption applies, an express activity event permit is required to conduct a demonstration or other event with the principal purpose of engaging in expressive activity where the activity involves a gathering of 75 or more persons and any of the following

  • Use of any public park or other public area; or
  • Use of any street or sidewalk in a manner that does not comply with normal or usual traffic regulations or controls. 

For permitted expressive activities, you must submit a complete application to the city at least 2-days prior to the proposed expressive activity event date. The city will act on complete applications no later than one day prior to the activity event date.  No permit fee is required for an expressive activity event permit.

Expressive Activity Permit application

A spontaneous demonstration does not require an expressive activity event permit however the organizer must provide at least four hours’ notice to the watch commander of the dates(s), time(s) and location(s) where the event is to be conducted and an estimate of the number of persons that will participate.  A spontaneous demonstration is an expressive activity occasioned by news or affairs coming into public knowledge seven or less day prior to the activity.

For more information or questions about expressive activity events or spontaneous demonstrations call 760-931-2197 and speak to the watch commander.