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COVID-19 Solid Waste Services Economic Relief for Businesses Program

Local businesses, like businesses everywhere, are being hard hit by the COVID-19 related crisis. Many have had to close or significantly modify their operations. The City’s Sustainable Materials Management Division has created a Solid Waste Services Economic Relief for Businesses programThe goal of the program is to support Carlsbad’s local business community and provide economic relief by temporarily reducing, downsizing or suspending all solid waste services and charges. Please read the program guidelines.

If needed, you can complete the application here. 

Once City of Carlsbad lifts the Emergency Declaration or by business request, whichever occurs first, solid waste services and containers will be returned back to normal at NO additional charge. Contact Waste Management Customer Service: 760-929-9400 to resume service. Please call the city’s Sustainable Materials Management (SMM) Division at 760-602-4646 or email recycle.trash@carlsbadca.gov if you have any questions or would like to discuss any service changes.

Mandatory Commercial & Multi-Family Recycling

In July 2012, through Assembly Bill 341 (AB 341), the State of California established a goal to divert at least 75 percent of waste from landfills by the year 2020. AB 341 requires that businesses and multi-family complexes implement a recycling program.

In addition to state laws, the City of Carlsbad requires the separation of recycling and trash as per Carlsbad Municipal Code section 6.08.020. Additionally, section 6.08.050 mandates that all trash and recycle bins remain covered.

Carlsbad Businesses Recycle Right

Businesses with a recycling program can reduce monthly bills for waste collection, protect the environment and keep Carlsbad beautiful! The City of Carlsbad Recycling & Trash Program partners with Waste Management to offer assistance, educational materials and an on-site evaluation to help you implement a successful recycling program.

Please download our Business Recycling Guide to provide you with information on how to start your business recycling program.

Multi-Family Dwelling (MFD) Recycling

All multi-family buildings (5+ units) are required to arrange for recycling services for residents.  The city has created a Multi-Family Guide with valuable information for residents living in multi-family properties, such as apartments, condominiums, townhomes, and mobile homes. 

For more information, please visit our Residential website to learn more about multi-family recycling.

Why Recycle

Recycling supports the City of Carlsbad’s Sustainability and Environmental Guiding Principles, adopted by City Council. Sustainability is based on achieving a long-term balance among social, economic and environmental factors. The City of Carlsbad supports programs that manage the overall waste stream of the city and that maximize the amount of waste that is recycled by its residents, visitors and businesses.

Easy on the Environment

Recycling helps to protect the environment by conserving resources, saving energy and reducing pollution. As a business in the City of Carlsbad, take a stand by practicing good corporate citizenship and help protect the environment. By recycling today, we can help to preserve the city’s natural environment for future generations.

Recycling Services

Waste Management, the city’s franchised waste and recycling hauler, offers commercial recycling services throughout Carlsbad. Establishing recycling programs may help lower your total cost for waste collection services since recycling service fees are substantially lower than waste collection fees.

Waste Management offers commercial services and will meet with a business to develop an effective program:

  • 96-gallon carts may be available to businesses that generate smaller volumes of recyclable materials or trash.
  • Split bins are available for businesses with space constraints.
  • Locked bins are available.
  • Pull-out service is available for enclosed bins.
  • Large bins are available upon request.

For pricing and ordering information, please contact Waste Management’s customer service at 760-929-9400.

Sustainability Tips and Tools

Get it Right

On-site assistance by trained staff is available to help match your recycling and trash services to your business needs. The City of Carlsbad in partnership with Waste Management offers a variety of services and programs to help commercial businesses recycle right. The following tools are offered to businesses free of charge:

Conduct a Waste Audit

A waste audit is a good first step in setting up your business’s recycling program. Once you are better acquainted with the composition of the waste your business generates, it is easier to identify those materials that could be recycled and items that could be “used less” or “used again.” Email the city’s Recycling Team at recycle.trash@carlsbadca.gov to request your free audit.

Staff Training

An effective waste reduction and recycling plan hinges on the participation and support of employees, managers and customers. Waste Management will conduct interactive training to engage participants and emphasize the benefits of waste reduction and recycling.

Sustainability Supplies

To ensure that your recycling and waste reduction plan is effective, the city may provide an array of materials for your business as supplies last. Materials provided include recycling bins, signage, reusable bags, recycling guides, posters and educational handouts. City staff can help evaluate where recycling program materials should be placed at your facility.

Other helpful resources:

The Recycling Champion Program is a partnership between the City of Carlsbad and Waste Management. The program recognizes Carlsbad businesses for their exemplary recycling and waste reduction activities, which leads the way for other businesses in the City of Carlsbad to follow their example.

CalRecycle offers more information by visiting their Mandatory Commercial Recycling website.

For more information

760-602-4646 or recycle.trash@carlsbadca.gov